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Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Join energy healer Simon North and aromatherapist Debbie Lawrence in Avebury stone circle for a journey of self discovery on Tuesday, 21st December.

Are you looking for a deeper meaning to your seasonal festivities? Then join a group of like-minded people at Avebury stone circle for a journey of self discovery on Tuesday, 21st December at 09:30am.

Gather with us in the sacred Wilshire landscape on this auspicious day to celebrate Winter Solstice and honour the rebirth of the Sun. It’s a day when time appears to stand still and a moment to reflect on this year and create new opportunities for 2022.

Avebury is the largest stone circle in Britain and is over 4,000 years old. By coming to this very special Winter Solstice ceremony you will be literally walking in the footsteps of your ancestors and finding a new direction.

Led by Simon and Debbie, this ceremonial event will align your seasonal celebrations with the ancient cycles of the Earth and sky. The day will include the following:

  • Insight into the meaning of Winter Solstice and the sacred significance of Avebury

  • Cacao plant medicine ceremony to release emotions and create a new inner space

  • Silent procession along the Avenue of stones

  • Meeting the mythical Hawthorn tree to make wishes for 2022

  • Connecting to Earth energy in the centre of the Avebury stone circle

  • Group healing and merging with ancient trees to deepen your partnership with this sacred land

  • Connection to the Winter Solstice with an essential oil ceremony and meditation

  • Winter Solstice essential oil blend to take away and use at home.

There will also be time to visit Avebury’s esoteric shops and the National Trust cafe.

Places are limited and we expect to fill them all very quickly due to the high amount of interest amongst our contacts, so please book via the link below as soon as possible.

Suitable for young people aged 14 and above who have some experience of meditation.

Cancellation policy: 50 percent up to midday on Friday 10th December no refund after this date.

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