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 Tree Energy - a magical healing practice in nature


Three integrated forest workshops showing you how to deeply access nature to regulate your nervous system.


Improve Grounding, Breathing and Movement skills to increase your awareness, calmness and clarity. Learn simple ways of dealing with unrelenting stress, emotional overwhelm, poor digestion, interrupted sleeping patterns and anxiety.


Each 2.5 hour workshop is designed to be accessible and affordable for all. Joining costs just £25 plus booking fees. They are held on Saturday mornings in beautiful woodlands in south Buckinghamshire.


The first workshop on Saturday 27th April is dedicated to Grounding and Earthing your energy system. You will lean how to connect  your system to Tree Energy to release the build-up of emotional charge.


On Saturday, 18th May the workshop focus is on breathing. It will introduce how to use your breath in connection with Tree Energy to clear the lungs of grief and old emotional patterns. Trees provide a huge range of medicinal airborne essences for our benefit and you will learn how to use them to support your health.


Movement is a vital way to release life-long held patterns of pain and suffering from our bodies. By learning how to be inspired to move by Tree Energy you can access a whole new world of helping your body to flush away unwanted blockages. This final workshop is on Saturday, 22nd June.


For booking please go to the ‘Coming Soon’ section of the home page.



“Thank you so much Simon for a beautiful merging of connection, remembering and journeying into the turning of the seasons, the forest and community with each other. It was beautiful to go inward and connect and be reminded to feel into our inner self. I loved the mandala meditation and meeting with kindred spirits. Perfect."

Beth Rivett-Carnac



Pascale Scheurer

“What a wonderful equinox experience! Thank upon Simon and everyone who came today.”

Susie Ward

“Simon, you are a wonderful guide. Thank you for a wonderful experience with the elementals in beautiful woodlands”.

Cat Johnson

“Thank you Simon, such a wonderful morning. Your wisdom and guidance has nurtured me this morning and I look forward to meeting you again.”

Elizabeth O’Neill

“I attended a tree healing meditation with Simon and it was a wonderful experience. I had been wanting to connect more with tree and nature spirits but just didn’t quite know how I would do that (and my research wasn’t really getting me anywhere). Attending this event did the trick! We took a beautiful walk as a group and all got to know each other and then went to connect with different tree spirits with Simon’s guidance.  It was so much easier with his suggestions and I had a really potent experience with clear communication from nature spirits! I would definitely attend another event, but I also feel confident that I can go into my local woods and connect whenever I now want to too. I thoroughly recommend trying this. Thank you!”

Laura Rudoe

Thank you so much for a deeply uplifting experience connecting with nature and trees. I hope to come to your next event.”

Amber Kelly

“Simon leads beautiful guided walks in nature and in particular, connecting to the wisdom of trees.  He leads groups in a very calm and peaceful way and ensures everyone is connected individually, as well as to the environment. All in all, it is always an enjoyable and informative experience. Highly recommended!”

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