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Energetic Space Clearing

Using VortexHealing divine energy healing tools to profoundly transform houses, businesses and creative spaces

Clearing spaces of unwanted energy

Just like people, places can become blocked with dense, unwanted energy and consciousness from the past. Often this heavy feeling is from people who once inhabited the house, workplace or creative space. It can also be caused by geo-pathic stress in the land below the building.

Symptoms from the build-up of this inappropriate energy include nausea, poor sleeping, fatigue, feeling unsettled, anxiety, feeling disturbed or watched by an unwanted presence. Optimal times to consider energetic space clearing are when you first move in, during pregnancy or after a loss.

Simon uses powerful VortexHealing divine energy healing tools to profoundly transform houses, businesses and artists studios. Having your space cleared and blessed changes its vibration making it feel lighter and more nurturing. There is a transformative effect on everyone using the space, including animals. It is a good idea to add a personal energy clearing session for yourself to reset how you relate to the space.

The process involves a visit to the space and up to 2.5 hours work onsite, with a follow up session 2-4 weeks later to make certain everything is cleared. The cost is £150 per visit for locations 25 miles radius from Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. Quotes for places further afield upon application.



I had a lot of strange goings on in my business, within a 16th century building and knew it was the building causing problems, as well as issues connected to myself.

Simon has been cleansing the building and protecting the outside area and getting to the root of the problems that were occurring  , since his incredible work there is now a calmness , and things seem to be progressing in the right areas at a incredible rate . Simon is such an amazing spiritual person in all he does , I would highly recommend him.”

Carolyn Meyrick

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