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Vortex Healing

An all-encompassing holistic system of energy medicine, its name comes from a powerful divine energy brought in through the heart to manifest deep-level healing.

Manifesting deep-level healing

Simon is highly trained to channel healing energies and bridge divine consciousness into the person receiving a treatment often making it a spiritual experience.

VortexHealing performs extraordinary healing on both a physical and emotional level as it releases our deepest held issues. These issues come from a deep web of conditioning, completely distorting our experience of being human. Conditioning creates all kinds of emotional issues, mental attitudes, pathological patterns and blockages in our human energy system. These issues generate weakness and physical disease.

On a deeper level it facilitates the deepest movement of healing possible, which is an inner awakening to your true nature.

People seeking VortexHealing are interested in healing the root cause of being unwell and transform their lives. This can arise when someone has exhausted other healing methods and conventional medicine.

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