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Tree Energy Walks

Healing Power of Tree Energy

I have always loved walking in the woods so the Tree Energy Session sounded like something I would enjoy. It was so fascinating to learn about the different trees and feel the different energy and healing powers of each .. a wonderful meditative walk, Simon was a wonderful host and held the space beautifully. I will be back.
Zandra Christie, Publisher


Tap into the natural energy and wisdom of the forest and form a deep relationship with the Earth. This meditative practice takes your mind and body into a healing place beyond simply walking in nature for pleasure.


Connecting to the spiritual energy of native trees helped me reduce stress, anxiety and ease depression by stepping out of ordinary reality into a wonderful ,natural healing place. Now you can have this profound experience as we walk mindfully into local woodland and discover how to use our senses to feel tree energy spirits. 


This transformational practice releases blockages by using simple techniques. I will also explain the mythology and healing properties found in ancient woodland.


This immersive practice takes up to two hours and can be experienced either one2one or by small groups. It involves walking along quiet, less trodden forest paths before gathering in a glade. The practice itself revolves around relaxing, deepening breath and dropping into a meditative state of mind so you can have a mindful experience of nature and tree energy.


It’s a magical experience with a profound de-stressing quality. Time seems to stop or pause whilst you quieten your mind in the presence of trees.


Dialogue with trees is on an emotional level. You can feel the tree’s powerful energy, perhaps even its spirit, whilst it can share its wisdom and healing with you.

People who have joined Tree Energy Sessions have enjoyed calmness, reduction of mental noise and general feeling of rejuvenation and being grounded. And the benefits often continue after the practice as participants usually have a deep sleep that night.


A one2one  Tree Energy Session costs £55 and £60 for two people. The cost for a group booking of three or more people is £25 each.

Please email or message me on WhatsApp  or Telegram via 07979 498559


There are also public group sessions - please see social media channels or email me to find out dates/times.

Crystal Healing

Energy Healing with Crystals

I would like to thank Simon for a wonderful experience. I could feel the energy in the space that had been lovingly created to hold the practice. He was very calm, reassuring and professional, providing an environment which was easy to relax into. I felt relaxed and refreshed after the Crystal Healing Session and was left with an overall feeling of tingly wellness. Highly recommend!
Sharon Horder


Probably the most amazing energetic healing experience available, crystal healing is both profound and transformative. 

It works by directing vibrational energy from crystals into your system, healing blockages or weakness. Whilst crystal healing does not necessarily cure symptoms, it allows your system to become balanced and grounded allowing it to generate its own healing.

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Our time together begins with a friendly chat about why you have chosen to experience a crystal healing treatment.  If it’s your first visit then you will be asked for a brief medical history and an outline of what you want to get from the session. If you have a crystal collection of your own we can discuss using them during the session.

The session starts with relaxation whilst you unwind lying on a treatment table with your clothes on. Crystals are placed inside your energy field on or close to the body’s seven chakra points from root to crown. Simon will then direct crystal healing energy through these crystals into your system. He may well also be guided intuitively to place further crystals on your body, whilst you relax and enjoy the session.

Often people feel their energy moving or see colours and lights during the treatment. Many find this quality of crystal healing unique and a revelation. It is always a very personalised experience for you. There is also the opportunity for us to work together to move blocked energy by moving the crystals and adjusting how crystal healing energy is received. 

Towards the end of the session, all of the crystals are removed and we will work on grounding your energy system through contact with your feet.  Once you are fully present again we will share what came up during the session whilst drinking a glass of water.

There is also an option to include VortexHealing in the latter stages of the session as a beautiful way to combine two healing energies.

Crystal healing is always for your highest and greatest good and cannot do anything harmful.

Normally, people tune into this form of energy healing and have regular sessions to maintain balance and harmony in their lives.

A crystal healing session lasts around 60 minutes and costs £50. A deeper 90-minute session costs £62. Please click here to book a session: