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Anam Cara
'Friend to your soul'  from the ancient Celtic spiritual tradition


Ancestral Healing Gathering 15th October, 2022

Enter an ancient ceremonial landscape and discover how to connect to your ancestors. 


Experience the tribal energy of this ancient practice of connecting to your loved ones from the past. Enrich your present day life with the wisdom directly from your ancestral line. Our session will include an energetic ancestral healing. COCK MARSH CEREMONIAL GROUND, NEAR COOKHAM, BERKS 09:00-11:00AM


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Just like people, places can become blocked with dense, unwanted energy from the past. Often this heavy feeling is from people who once inhabited the house, work place or creative space. It can also be caused by geo-pathic stress in the land below the building.

Symptoms from the build-up of this inappropriate energy include nausea, poor sleeping, fatigue, feeling unsettled, anxiety, feeling disturbed or watched by an unwanted presence. Optimal times to consider energetic space clearing are when you first move in, during pregnancy or after a loss.

I use VortexHealing divine energy healing to profoundly clear spaces and have used my techniques to transform houses, businesses and artists studios. Having your space cleared and blessed changes its vibration making it feel lighter and more nurturing. There is a transformative effect on everyone using the space, including animals. It is a good idea to add a personal energy clearing session for yourself to reset how you relate to the space.

The process involves a visit to the space and up to 2 hours work onsite, with a follow up session 2-4 weeks later to make certain everything is cleared. The cost is £125 per visit for locations 25 miles radius from Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. Quotes for places further afield upon application. Booking to be made via email or telephone call.


I had a lot of strange goings on in my business, within a 16th century building and knew it was the building causing problems, as well as issues connected to myself. Simon has been cleansing the building and protecting the outside area and getting to the root of the problems that were occurring , since his incredible work there is now a calmness , and things seem to be progressing in the right areas at a incredible rate . Simon is such a amazing spiritual person in all he does, I would highly recommend him.

Carolyn Meryck, West Wycombe

Simon leads beautiful guided walks in nature and in particular, connecting to the wisdom of trees. He leads groups in a very calm and peaceful way and ensures everyone is connected individually, as well as to the environment. All in all, it is always an enjoyable and informative experience. Highly recommended!

Amber Kelly, Craniosacral Therapist 


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Tree Energy Gatherings

Taking energy healing work out into nature with a unique practice called Tree Energy Gatherings, combing elements of meditation with mindfully using our senses in a natural woodland setting. With heightened sensitivity a path into nature’s energetic realm is opened for you to feel the healing energy of trees. Participators experience new levels of calmness, reduction of mental noise and a general feeling of rejuvenation. Gatherings are held in the Chiltern Hills on Saturday mornings at 09:00 and details are posted here in the Blog or on Instagram or Facebook. 



VortexHealing is an all-encompassing holistic system of energetic healing working with divine light and consciousness. Its name comes from a particularly powerful divine energy brought in through the heart to manifest deep-level healing.

A VortexHealing practitioner channels powerful healing energies and bridges divine consciousness into the person receiving a treatment, often making it a spiritual experience.

VortexHealing performs extraordinary healing on both a physical and emotional level as well as releasing some of our deepest held issues. These issues are transformed directly by divine consciousness at all levels of our energy system.

This is healing as a form of waking up to your true self.

Call Simon for a free 10-minute consultation.


I have had several VortexHealing sessions with Simon and they have helped me hugely. He is a natural healer and very calm to be around. He makes me feel at ease and relaxed.

Aviva Furman, Yoga Teacher

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I had never tried crystal healing before but was amazed at the effect it had on me during and after my treatment. Simon is so knowledgeable about the crystals and makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed.. it truly is fascinating and I felt great for days after - highly recommended!
Heidi from HReflexology


Crystal Healing

Crystal healing directs vibrational energy from crystals into your energetic system clearing blockages and bringing into new state of balance.

During the session crystals are placed in the body’s energy field on seven chakra points from root to crown, which are then activated with crystal healing energy. Using intuition and your guidance crystals are also placed on or nearby areas of the body transmitting pain or discomfort.

We will work together during the session using my intuitive skills and your feedback. People receiving crystal healing usually experience various sensory sensations and some see colours. It is a deeply pleasurable and relaxing treatment, which works well on all aspects of your health. It is particularly effective for relieving stress, anxiety and encouraging better sleeping. At the end of the session you will be grounded, which involves contact with your feet and earthing your energy system. Simon often combines crystal healing with elements of VortexHealing to create a powerful healing experience tailored for you.

Energy Healing Crystals

Anam Cara Energy Healing's Ethos

Simon provides a range of holistic energy medicine treatments for the mind, body and soul: Crystal Healing; Vortex Healing and Tree Energy Healing. "My focus is on finding an imbalance in the body’s energy system and working with your emotional and spiritual essence to promote healing. "

Anam Cara Energy Healing is a member of Seed Wellness and the Healing Health Joy Collective of teachers and practitioners dedicated to helping people find inner peace. 

Simon is located in Seer Green near Beaconsfield in south Bucks. There is a train station in the village and we are easily accessible by car. Home visits within a 20-mile radius are available. Treatments take between 60 and 90 minutes by appointment through the booking system.

Simply start your healing journey by arranging a 10-minute free of charge call before making your appointment. See Contact page for details.

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