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Beltane is one of the most beautiful festivals of the year, celebrating the potent life-force energy of the Earth as it shifts from Spring towards Summer. May Day is an ancient fertility festival full of wildness and creativity with art, music and dance at its heart.

It is the perfect time to get in touch with our own instinctive wildness on a physical, spiritual and magical level. Answer the call of the wild and get deeply into nature as she bursts into life around us.

Our Beltane May Day tree energy session on Saturday, 1st May will align with this fertile energy as we journey into the ancient forest and connect with Beech, Oak, Hawthorn and Holly. We will explore the fascinating mythology of these sacred indigenous trees and light the fire of creativity.

In this moment of awareness we can feel the natural world transforming and coming into bloom. During this two-hour session there is a wonderful opportunity for us to resonate with this season of growth and inspiration.

Beltane energy is potent and all about the sacredness of life. It is the time of the year to manifest all that we desire, whist aligning ourselves with the Earth.

On this special day we will gather in a private meadow, walk into Egypt Woods and assemble under the beautiful Beech trees for a Beltane invocation from your guide Simon. He will then reveal the mythology of the festival and the trees we will be connecting to during the session. This will help you to contemplate your intention for the session and this amazing time of May Day.

There will be a short ‘Earth Breathing’ meditation to help us transition into resonating with nature’s magical realm and hold the spirit of Beltane in our hearts. Simon will then help us to connect with the gorgeous Beech trees and then invite people to be with a personally-chosen tree.

Following around 15 minutes of becoming embodied with tree energy we will then walk through the woods and talk about other trees and their mythical status.

We will gather again for a second opportunity to practice our techniques of connecting to the trees around an ancient Oak and then people can connect with their own chosen Oak. We will then move on to be with the beautiful Hawthorn which is particularly associated with Beltane.

We will then walk back to the starting location to spend some time sharing our experiences, embedding our learnings and holding a closing ceremony. Simon will give the group a blessing and suggest leaving an offering at our woodland alter space. Finally, we will retrace our steps and find our way back to where our cars are parked.

The cost is £20 each person. Please book your place by sending an email to

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