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For thousands of years we have lived in separation from Mother Nature and the elemental spirits, trying in vain to remould the Earth to our will. This abandonment of the natural world is at the core of humanity’s sickness and suffering.

Only by regaining our lost understanding of the natural way being can we reach our true potential. Finding our place again in nature will give us a firm sense of belonging and we will experience joy and happiness.

Working with tree energy is taking me deeper into connection with the elemental spirits who inhabit our natural places and I’m starting to gain a greater knowledge and appreciation for the work they do.

Awareness of nature spirits might be on the fringe of my energy work, yet it is a fascinating realm of alternative consciousness, much closer to the human world than you might think. For the people who come into the forests with me it is a natural progression to connect with nature spirits. After all, every tree is inhabited by a guardian nature spirit, so when we are connecting to tree energy we are just a breath away from an elemental as well.

I perceive our natural world as having three major energies, combining to create what we see and touch, yet much of the job of weaving nature is done by unseen entities.

All my tree rituals create a temple in the landscape as a manifestation of Gaia or Earth Mother, the first energy and divine creator of this planet. The second energy that fills our landscape with plants, animals, rivers, mountains etc are the elementals. Without them constantly working there would be no natural world for us to inhabit. We are the third energy.

My practice always makes reference to ancient people because they understood the human relationship with nature spirits and the mother creator of the place where they lived. They knew we were one part of a whole and my work is to bring us back into the ancient frame of reference: oneness.

By joining a ritual in nature you are returning to your true self and to help this process we start our gatherings with a Goddess invocation and short meditation. This realigns your heart with the heart of Mother Earth and awakens your sense of place in nature.

Start your journey of going deeper into the natural world by meeting the energy of trees as they bring in a heart opening that instantly connects you to a greater consciousness outside of yourself. It is likely you will now begin to feel the presence of nature spirits on the periphery of your awareness.

Going into a sacred enclosure in the forest is the next step as often elementals still inhabit places where ancient people once held rituals and ceremonies. They were present with our ancestors in these special places which holds a memory of human connection. They usually leave signs for us or create an atmosphere in these liminal places between our two realms.

The solar plexus now becomes your focal point for contact. Drop your awareness into this energy centre and inhale deeply the essence of elementals. There is also an opportunity to use visualisation to help facilitate meeting these magical beings.

This meeting of humans and nature spirits happens on an emotional and vibrational level first, as elementals have no form as we know it. They have to manifest an etheric body if they want us to see them, appearing at first in our minds eye. Sometimes they leave an imprint in our unconscious mind revealing a shape or face. They may also appear to us when we day dream or in actual dreams whist we are asleep.

People who come and spend a few hours reconnecting to nature with me are always nurtured by the experience and leave having been reset. They are relearning a lost art that was intrinsic to our ancestors way of life. It is amazing how simple it is to regain this lost ability to make a deep connection to the natural world. Basically, all you need is to be open hearted enough to park your rational mind for an hour or so and allow the magic around you to happen.

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