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Explaining the meaning behind our Avebury Winter Solstice Ceremony

Finding meaning at Christmas time is increasingly difficult for me as it’s become so highly commercialised and seems to revolve solely around materialistic things.

Paradoxically, at the same time celebrating Winter Solstice is becoming ever more significant to my life as it provides a vital moment to pause at the top of the year for reflection.

Having shared this belief with fellow healer Debbie Lawrence, we created together a new ceremonial gathering designed to bring us all a sense of the significance of Solstice. A visit to Avebury inspired us to hold this ceremony there on Tuesday, 21st December, 2021.

The word Solstice means ‘Sun Stand Still’ and it provided ancient people with a vital solar moment for orientating themselves and their lives. Tracking the movement of the Sun through the heavens was central for their way of life and I wholeheartedly believe the same is true for us all right now.

To be able to move through life in the way you want, first of all you need to know exactly where you are: just like our ancestors standing in the Wiltshire landscape 4,000 years ago.

We have chosen Avebury for our Winter Solstice ceremony as it holds a powerful mystical energy. Avebury is not an ancient settlement it was created entirely for connection with Earth and Solar energies. For me and Debbie it is a place to make a deep connection to something greater than ourselves and being there is uplifting and seems to stimulate creativity.

Avebury sits on two major streams of Earth energy, the Michael and Mary lines, that stretch across our landscape from Cornwall to Norfolk. At Winter Solstice we’ll start by gathering at the West Kennett end of the avenue of stones, which track these Earth energy lines. You will be basking in this powerful energy and we’ll stay inside or very close to it throughout the gathering.

Being influenced by Earth energy is bound to have a positive effect on you, lifting your mood and shifting emotions. It enters your body and flows through your central nervous system seeking to balance your energy. It will keep you grounded too as we contact the ethereal Spiritual light of Avebury.

When we reach the centre of the inner circle we’ll spend some time working with the massive stones to deepen this connection to the Earth. Avebury is the heart centre of a ritual landscape that also includes Stonehenge and Glastonbury Tor. There is literally something heavenly about being in this inner sanctum and awakened people have told of hearing angelic music when having their backs against the stones.

Sacred Hawthorn and Beech trees grow close to the circles and along the avenue of stones. We will be pausing at the Hawthorn, the tree most aligned with elementals, to make our wishes for new year. Later at the amazing family of Beech trees we will ask to connect to our ancestors during a guided meditation.

Our final destination is The Cove, thought to be the original stones of Avebury and what may have drawn our ancestors to build this incredible Serpent Temple in the Wiltshire landscape. There is a river of energy here and an alignment with the path of the Winer Solstice sun.

Here, Debbie will call upon her deep knowledge and years of experience working with the vibrational healing power of essential oils to open you to moment of the Winter Solstice with a bespoke blend she is making for this event.

We will be ready for when the Winter Solstice moment arrives just before four o'clock to recall our intentions and be ready to manifest our desires. You will have experienced a spiritual alchemy with the power to carry you back into your life with a renewed sense of grace, meaning and purpose.

There are a few places left so please book as soon as possible here:


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