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How healing is also waking up to your true self

VortexHealing is an all-encompassing holistic system of energetic healing which works with divine light and consciousness. Its name comes from a powerful divine energy brought in through the heart to manifest deep-level healing.
A VortexHealing practitioner channels these healing energies and bridges divine consciousness into the person receiving a treatment often making it a spiritual experience.

“VortexHealing performs extraordinary healing on both a physical and emotional level as well as releasing some of our deepest held issues”, says practitioner Simon North. “Issues are transformed directly by divine consciousness at all levels of our energy system.”

Simon explains the underlying belief system of VortexHealing is “all of life is One, expressing itself as this amazing experience of creation. Unfortunately, our basic life experience is often one of separation from everything.”

It is this separation which creates all kinds of issues imprinting every level of our human energy system therefore generating suffering. This web of conditioning is almost unimaginably deep, completely distorting our experience of being human. It creates all kinds of emotional issues, mental attitudes, and blockages in our human energy system, which ultimately generates weakness and physical disease.

The intent of VortexHealing is to release this conditioning on every level where it is found, returning the person to emotional balance and energetic strength allowing health to prevail. On a deeper level it facilitates the deepest movement of healing possible, which is an inner awakening to our true nature.

“The main advantage of experiencing VortexHealing is it clears ‘conditioning’ exceptionally deeply and bridges you into the oneness that lies beyond your ‘stuff’ in a profound way”, added Simon. “In my opinion the beauty of VortexHealing is it is actively developing and is not a static technique that stays the same becoming tired and ineffective.”

So who goes for VortexHealing treatments? “People seeking VortexHealing are usually interested in healing by waking up to their true nature. This feeling arises when someone has exhausted other healing methods and conventional medicine”, he says, adding. “There is also recognition many feelings are just reactions based upon past conditioning and this is exactly what VortexHealing is designed to transform.”

To find out more call Simon for a free 10-minute consultation on 07979 498559
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