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How to successfully use crystals for practicing manifestation and live by the Law of Attraction

Here I’m sharing my own process for creating a new reality from the things I want to attract into my life and explain how to use crystals to make manifesting more successful. At this point you may be thinking what’s different about this process to any others? Simply, as an experienced crystal healer I practice manifesting from a healing perspective.

My process of authentic manifestation starts with clearing and balancing yourself before deeply considering what you want to make real. First of all clear your energy system of any blockages, old patterns or belief systems as these will all get in the way and will either slow the process or make it fail to ignite.

We carry emotional charge in our human energy system and it will hugely effect the clarity you need to successfully manifest the reality you seek. It is vitally important to clear this charge and also to balance your system before starting the manifestation process. Remember, too successfully manifest it’s fundamental to feel the emotion of what it is as if it’s already happened.

Whilst, it is possible to do this yourself it is hard to be objective enough to get to the root cause of the barriers we all have that block our way in life. My advice is either talk to me or another crystal healer and ask for help.

Using crystals for the healing before using them to support your practice is essential in my manifestation process. Either in-person or remotely, offer this service as the starting place for a manifestation journey.

Once you are energetically clear you are ready to start your manifestation practice. I call it a practice because it is the same as meditation, yoga, qigong or any other form of personal development. It needs to become a regular routine supporting your daily life to make it work.

This means once your manifesting crystal grid is up and running it needs daily attention and focus to bring results. The longer the intervals between giving your time to your manifesting practice the longer it will take to bear fruit.

Living by actively manifesting means following a path according to the Law of Attraction. What you put out into the universe comes back to you, therefore be mindful and careful with your thoughts, words and actions.

Time spent considering and contemplating your new reality is very important. Ask from where inside yourself does this idea for manifestation come from? Check if it comes out of your shadow or from your thinking mind. Manifestation is a heartfelt practice and the universal energy that will realise your dream knows your heart.

Once you have a clear picture of your manifestation as something tangible then put into words in the present tense ie as if it already exists and exists in your reality. You will feel positive energy coming from what you see or write down provided it comes from your heart. Give thanks and feel grateful for your manifestation - again examine emotionally how it feels to have already created it.

A key factor in creating a successful manifestation is the testing phase. This is often missed out but is absolutely essential. Ask some key questions of the impact on yourself and others caused by your manifestation. Find out if what you want to manifest is something hurtful either to yourself or others.

Once you have finalised and written down your manifestation it is time to have fun with bringing it to life with crystals and just like you they need to be cleaned energetically as well.

My process involves assembling a selection of the core crystals of the grid. These fall into three broad groups according to the chakra system upper, middle and lower as by choosing from these groups your grid will have the correct balance.

For the best results, the choosing process is done using intuition and not prescription from a book or other source. Instead, pick three crystals (one from each group) then sit with each one in the palm of your non-dominant hand and feel into its resonance. By following this process you will start to form a deeper picture of the crystals and how they relate to your manifestation.

Once you have the core crystals (start with five or six) choose one to be at the centre of your grid. This will be the one that tells you it embodies your manifestation. Next, ask the universe or simply contemplate on the geometric pattern that reflects the essential quality of your manifestation.

This shape may also come to you in a dream or appear out of another pattern. Often it will arise in a magical way when you are least expecting it. Draw this geometric shape onto something your crystals can sit on or buy a base with an imprint of the shape.

Carefully and mindfully set out your grid. Start by placing your written intention underneath the grid then place each crystal in turn whilst holding the image of your manifestation in your minds’ eye. Place the connecting crystals between the core crystals to make your shape (these are usually quartz points). Take time to construct the grid until it looks right.

Connection to the grid now starts until it has fulfilled its purpose and brought your manifestation into your reality. Begin with spending some time looking lovingly at your grid and then close your eyes and connect to it through your heart.

Use active imagination to see your grid sending its perfect geometry and power out into the universe. Spend around 10 minutes doing this part of the practice as a mindful exercise and then repeat it every day or as often as possible. You can also do this even when you are away from where the grid is physically placed by sending your imagination to the grid.

Keep believing in the outcome and keep a tight lid on any doubts that arise. Your manifestation will be tested by the universe to find out if it’s something you truly believe. In the event a doubt arises, clear it by saying aloud 'Clear, Cancel, Delete’ this thought.

Whilst you are in the process of creating your manifestation you will come to know the real timescale for it to become a reality. Avoid preconceptions about when the birthing will occur as you cannot control this element and the universe will decide when you are ready to receive its gift.

I now offer to take you through this process of authentic manifestation either in-person or remotely. To find out how I can help you manifest please book a FREE 15-minute call by sending an email to

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