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Men's Healing Circle Starts Soon in Bourne End

Navigating safe passage through life is tricky and we often feel overwhelmed and unable to see our way out of darkness into the light. Talking helps us to gain clarity but where can we go to voice what’s troubling us without seeking professional help?

I am answering this call by providing a safe, supporting space for men to meet and talk in confidence about anything we are struggling with, in particular relationships, finding our pathways through life and dealing with difficult emotions.

Being in a group of compassionate men can help us move through challenging times and enable us to overcome anxiety, poor sleeping habits, feeling lost, lacking motivation and energy. All you need to do is be open to changing the way you feel.

There is a healing power in joining a circle to speak our thoughts, share concerns and be listened too. Expressing and naming what’s on your mind changes the way we feel and helps us to cope. By joining the circle you will be witnessed and engage in a healing process. This will involve the following:

  • Welcoming round of checking-in with ourselves and each other

  • Short guided meditation to settle our minds

  • Sharing our feelings, allowing us to open up and be vulnerable

  • Group Healing provided by Simon

  • Setting the next date and chatting about subjects we want to cover ie. identity, dealing with fear and anxiety, personal development.

The circle will meet for an hour and a half, starting promptly at 19:30. Please aim to arrive 10 minutes beforehand as once the meeting starts there will be no admission. We will sit in a circle on chairs provided. Please bring water with you for personal use. There will be periods of silence. Any questions need to be channeled through Simon.

The group is open to men aged 18 and over who agree to these rules to protect members:

  • I will treat members of the circle with kindness and compassion

  • I will respect the dignity of everyone in the circle: leaving judgement at the door

  • I will actively listen and not presume it’s okay to interrupt someone

  • I agree to treat anything said within the circle as completely confidential

  • I recognise the sovereignty of each member of the circle: it is not my place to advise a member how to fix their life

  • I take complete responsibility for myself and my well-being

  • I agree to seek professional help if appropriate

There will be no prescription within this circle. If you are suffering from abuse or addiction issues, extreme emotional trauma you are advised to seek professional help from a recognised medical practitioner.

Location is The Lotus Centre, 3 Station Road, Bourne End. For ‘sat-nav’ please SL8 5DG or What 3 Words ///runways.haggis.inversley. The door is located on the side of the building.

Inaugural meeting, Monday, 31st January at 19:30 ending before 21:30. There are a few car parking spaces at the Lotus Centre or find on-street parking nearby.

The cost is £20 each payable by midday Friday, 28th January to Simon North Co-operative Bank account number 10271311 Sort code 08-90-66 Please use the reference men.


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