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We humans are no longer able to cope with the stress of modern life. Our energy systems can no longer adapt to the constant bombardment the digital world throws at us every minute of the day and night.

The result is our systems are in a permanent state of emotional overload. Maintaining a healthy life is very tough these days, particularly as we are no longer fully embodied and struggle to find time for ourselves to fully relax.

One simple remedy for softening stress is to step away from the distractions of the modern world and all its man-made structures and devices.

Going into nature and it’s wild places with the clear intention to connect to its life force energy is one simple way to rebalance ourselves.

Returning to the wild allows us to become aware of our physical body again. We can start to unwind our entangled minds and slow down.

The uncultivated world holds something very special for us. Nature is the gateway to a universal power that gives us a different context for life. It has the power to calm our over thinking minds.

A word for this power is love. Nature literally loves us and is open to welcoming us back to where we truly belong. It constantly provides endless symbolism calling us back into its arms.

Natures wild places are waiting to be experienced through our senses. We no longer need to think in this wild space just feel, look, smell and taste. And move our bodies in a way that changes our perception.

Once this happens our nervous system responds positively then we start to deepen our experience of creation. The thinking mind starts to loosen its grip on our body and we can start to become naturally conscious again.

It’s my calling to guide people back into communication with nature and why I facilitate Tree Energy Medicine workshops in woodlands, sacred places and at summer festivals. The simple easy-to-learn skills discovered during a workshop can then be used at anytime when living in the modern world becomes overwhelming.

A booking link to my next session is usually found on the home page.


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