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A unique way of healing the body's energy system in beautiful ancient woodland near Little Marlow, Buckinghamshire on Saturday, 11th March 09:00-11:00am.

After walking into the Chiltern Hills, Energy Healer Simon North will teach you how to connect to the healing energy of trees in this two-hour workshop. You will also receive VortexHealing during the session to clear emotional charge from your body's energy system.

This uplifting session will include the following:

  • Gathering under an ancient Oak for opening ceremony

  • Grounding and Earthing meditation

  • Learn or refresh tree connection skills

  • Connection to ancient trees

  • Discover the mythology and wisdom of trees

  • Walk through a mystical woodland landscape to an ancient settlement

  • Connection with powerful indigenous trees such as Oak, Beech and Ash

  • Create a forest altar

More About This Event

Heal yourself in nature by forming a spiritual connection with Mother Earth, the energy of trees and the presence of nature spirits. This beautiful forest and open land will transform the way you feel and your whole relationship with nature.

We will meet outside a characterful old pub, walk into stunning countryside and go deep into the heart of the woods. Simon will show you how to make a deep, emotional connection to trees such as Ash, Oak and Beech opening you up a to hidden energetic realm.

The event will involve walking on undulating terrain for 20 minutes into the forest and spending an hour close to an ancient woodland circle.

Warm clothing and off road footwear for country walking is required. Suitable for people aged 10 and over.

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