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Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Any conversation about Love and what it means takes us directly to where in the body’s energy system it arises - the heart.

By this I mean the heart space found in the centre of the chest. It is both the blood-pumping organ and an energy centre. There is a deep connection between the intelligence of the heart organ and the energetic heart.

The heart space is where we most profoundly feel love. We are designed to feel all aspects of love here and knowing this is central to our well-being. There are infinite qualities of love felt in the heart: spiritual love, universal love, cosmic love, romantic love, soul love etc.

Having awareness of love permeating everything in the universe and becoming localised in the body through the heart opens infinite possibilities. This is how to go beyond feeling love as a purely human quality.

We have no power over love. All humans can control is opening and closing the heart to one another. When two people with open hearts meet a path opens to intimacy, where love flows between them in a powerful and beautiful expression of love.

The emotional strength felt when love is reflected back to us by another open hearted person can make it seem that we are generating love. What is actually happening is an encounter with love flowing simultaneously through both people.

Connecting to love in your heart as an expression of the universe, allows a whole new perspective to emerge. It means you now have a deeply Divine connection inside your body. This is the most useful self-healing tool at your disposal.

The heart contains Divine wisdom and is the only place to find universal truth. By looking into your heart and being there for a while allows your truth to reveal itself. This is why it often feels like intuition is felt arising out of the heart rather than the mind.

The heart can, however, become clouded and confused by other parts of the energy system and the thinking mind. Its frequency is the vibration of all of creation but it can become blocked by the interference of fear.

There is no place for fear in the heart. To avoid this uncomfortable situation it’s helpful to meditate in the heart and go deeper and deeper until you stretch your consciousness into the Divine.

In addition to being the place in the body’s energy system where love is felt arising, the heart is also where you experience your personal sense of identity and humanity. Yet, these aspects can become influenced by personal issues and conditioning.

It’s helpful for leading a joyful and happy life to pay close attention to upkeep of the heart. First and foremost just being with your heart and contemplating its place in your life is very nurturing. Meditation with the heart is essential regular maintenance.

To help you, I have recorded this heart meditation but whenever you feel the need for a heart clearing, energising or strengthening please contact me and arrange a VortexHealing treatment.

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