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What is Tree Energy Walking All About?

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Waking in nature is being prescribed by a whole host of diverse people from doctors to yoga teachers, to help us counterbalance fear generated by the pandemic. Yet, simply walking outside does not necessarily work as way to calm down as it requires a certain awareness of the natural world.

Anam Cara Energy Healing recently created a new practice to help open doors into the natural world and guide people into find a deeper connection with the energy of nature. It combines elements of meditation with mindfully using your senses in a natural setting.

On a Tree Energy Walk we find the right location that allows a small group to walk along quiet, less trodden forest paths and gather in a glade. We walk and chat until the predestined woodland place is reached.

Tree Energy Walk guide Simon then explains the practice and techniques participants can use to feel closer to the natural environment. This involves deepening breath to drop into a meditative state of mind and an invitation to use senses to listen to the forest soundtrack and take in its beautiful scent.

Once people open their eyes they see the woodland in a new way, as colours and awareness of textures flood into their consciousness. Using this heightened attention and sensitivity the path is opened to feel the energy of the trees.

By relaxing your body, opening your heart and senses a new energetic realm begins to reveal itself. Stand close to your chosen tree and start to feel its aura and energy respond to you. It’s a magical experience with a profound de-stressing quality. Time seems to stop or pause whilst you quieten your mind in the presence of your tree.

Dialogue with trees is on an emotional level. You can feel it’s energy, perhaps even its spirit, whilst it can feel the intention behind your thoughts and thinking mind. This is the place where nature heals us.

People who have joined our Tree Energy Walks have shared experiences of calmness, reduction of mental noise and general feeling of rejuvenation. And the benefits continue after the practice as our participants usually have a really good, deep sleep that night.

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