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Are You Awake Yet?

Connecting to tree energy is showing us all a way to become truly conscious and present in the here and now.

Meeting a tree and opening your heart to receive its ancient wisdom is a quietly powerful way to deal with stress and anxiety generated by the modern world. Trees and plants teach us to be patient and move us into the present moment.

This wonderful, gentle practice makes people realise they often have a blindness to nature. They look but do not really see what’s there.

Experiencing tree energy walking reveals a hidden place behind the ‘green wall’ of nature that is all around us.

Luckily, as people shed their outermost layers of consciousness and pay close attention to tree energy the ‘green wall’ becomes thinner and nature lifts her veil.

The key to unlocking the door to nature’s secret is love. When you hold loving kindness in your heart and open it to a tree a wonderful experience awaits.

By loving a tree for what it is, a wise and wonderful, deeply soulful being, it will respond in kind.

Your love will come back to you as compassion and emotional healing and you will enter a different realm. Now, you can go on an amazing journey full of magic, mystery and discovery.

Then you will know what it is to be truly awake and alive on Earth.

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