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'Friend to your soul'  from the ancient Celtic spiritual tradition

RIGHT NOW, I am offering the following supportive sessions to realign your energy system healing anxiety, stress and alleviating poor sleeping patterns:

  • DISTANCE HEALING. First we talk about the root causes of issues in your energy body, then I use accepted distance healing techniques to reset your system. It's a highly effective form of healing being used successfully all over the world. Usually one hour via a video call: guide price £25.

  • ONE2ONE TREE ENERGY SESSION. Book a restorative session with me in local woodland and let nature heal you. Powerful and Transformative. Typical sessions are 75 minutes. Guide price £45.

  • WORKSHOPS. I am currently running workshops via Zoom once a month guiding people through self-healing using crystals and affirmations. See Blog section for details

  • COMING SOON! A new crystal meditation group via Zoom.

Welcome to energy healing

Latest Blog Posts

Simon's tree walks are like nectar for the soul. He's a fantastic guide and takes you on a journey into self, with the aid of nature and it’s medicine. I gained deep clarity and healing from his walk. He keeps you safe, held and supported. I highly recommend, his wisdom and knowledge are pearls beyond price.
Amy Gower, Reiki Master


Tree Energy Walks

Uniquely, Simon takes energy healing work out into nature with a new practice he originated called Tree Energy Walks. It combines elements of meditation with mindfully using your senses in a natural woodland setting. With heightened sensitivity a path into nature’s energetic realm is opened for you to feel the healing energy of trees. Participators experience new levels of calmness, reduction of mental noise and a general feeling of rejuvenation. And the benefits continue after the practice as our participants usually have a really good, deep sleep that night.

Tree Energy Walks
Reiki Energy Healing


Reiki is a Japanese hands-on energy healing technique which reduces stress, anxiety, boosts relaxation and improves poor sleeping. Using Usui Reiki techniques Simon channels this powerful universal healing energy through his healing hands to the person receiving a treatment. The sessions trigger the body’s natural healing system to bring a deep sense of calm, peace and wellbeing, creating inner harmony and balance.


I have had several Reiki sessions with Simon and they have helped me hugely. He is a natural healer and very calm to be around. He makes me feel at ease and relaxed.

Aviva Furman, Yoga Teacher

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“Simon has taken a number of courses with me, and he has proven himself extremely capable, both in terms of his natural abilities and his eagerness to understand and learn about all aspects of working with clients, and so how he can best serve his clients. Simon is also very personable and professional, and I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone who asked”

Doug Buckingham, Transformational Teacher/Therapist (www.dougbuckingham.com)


Crystal Healing

Crystal healing directs vibrational energy from crystals into your energetic system clearing blockages and bringing you back into new state of balance.

During the session crystals are placed in the body’s energy field on seven chakra points from root to crown, which are then activated with crystal healing energy. Using intuition and your guidance crystals are also placed on or nearby areas of the body transmitting pain or discomfort.

We will work together during the session using my intuitive skills and your feedback. People receiving crystal healing usually experience various sensory sensations and some see colours. It is a deeply pleasurable and relaxing treatment, which works well on all aspects of your health. It is particularly effective for relieving stress, anxiety and encouraging better sleeping. At the end of the session you will be grounded, which involves contact with your feet and earthing your energy system. 

Simon will often combine crystal healing with elements of reiki healing to create a powerful healing experience tailored for you.

Energy Healing Crystals

Anam Cara Energy Healing's Ethos

I provide a range of holistic energy medicine treatments for the mind, body and soul. My focus is on finding an imbalance in the body’s energy system and working with your emotional and spiritual essence to promote healing. 

Anam Cara Energy Healing is a member of the Healing Health Joy Collective of teachers and practitioners dedicated to helping people find inner peace. I am continually growing with Cara - The Centre of Transformational Learning.

Simon is located in Seer Green near Beaconsfield in south Bucks. There is a train station in the village and we are easily accessible by car. Home visits within a 20-mile radius are available. Treatments take between 60 and 90 minutes by appointment through the booking system.

Simply start your healing journey by arranging a 10-minute free of charge call before making your appointment. See Contact page for details.


Simon runs monthly, evening workshops sharing skills, techniques and experiences. There is a high level of participation and self-learning by everyone involved. These workshops usually follow the moon’s cycle, are held via Zoom and typically last for up to 90 minutes. The format is fluid but can include an opening invocation, short explanation,  meditation, sharing experiences and feedback. Simon records the meditations for people to use at anytime and short videos to help support the participants' work. Booking is made through this website and a confirmation email with details is sent in reply. See the Blog or Sessions sections for news of the next available workshop.


I genuinely enjoyed the whole workshop,  from sharing our crystals, the meditation and time to create our own affirmations. The workshop was just the right amount of time too - not too long or too short. It was so lovely to meet you. You have such a lovely energy and I would love to join again next time.


Holistic practitioners are not permitted or trained to diagnose a physical ailment, rather we assess your bio-magnetic field and energy system. Our work is use our therapies to bring your system back into harmony and balance, to help activate, support and accelerate the natural healing process. Scientific research proved long ago the existence of an electro-magnetic field around every physical body and organism. This validated energy and bio-magnetic healing. 


Information given to you in our session is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have any concerns about your health please see a medical doctor. The therapies I offer work alongside medical treatment; they are not a substitute for any medical treatment already being received. Natural therapies stimulate your own natural healing ability, which is innate within us all. I am not a medical Doctor and I cannot prescribe, treat or diagnose for specific conditions.

Email: simon@anamcaraenergyhealing.com

Mobile: 07979 498559

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