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Catch Up on Full Moon Affirmations

Updated: Feb 12

Here's a short video to get you up to speed and ready to fully take part in the next Full Moon Affirmations workshop.

Book your place here:

Read my Affirmations blog here:

Listen to the Connecting to the Moon meditation here:

Find wonderful crystals here:

Amazing free images of the moon here:

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Holistic practitioners are not permitted or trained to diagnose a physical ailment, rather we assess your bio-magnetic field and energy system. Our work is use our therapies to bring your system back into harmony and balance, to help activate, support and accelerate the natural healing process. Scientific research proved long ago the existence of an electro-magnetic field around every physical body and organism. This validated energy and bio-magnetic healing. 


Information given to you in our session is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have any concerns about your health please see a medical doctor. The therapies I offer work alongside medical treatment; they are not a substitute for any medical treatment already being received. Natural therapies stimulate your own natural healing ability, which is innate within us all. I am not a medical Doctor and I cannot prescribe, treat or diagnose for specific conditions.


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