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Updated: Feb 11, 2021

This time of year is perfect for writing new affirmations to help you stay moving forward with a positive mindset, so we are running our inaugural online worksop to guide you.

The Full Moon Affirmations Workshop will take place on Saturday, 27th February at 19:00 and there is a link to the booking page below. There is no charge for taking part but spaces are limited, so please check your diary and make a booking without delay.

Affirmations are simple declarations of something you are asserting is true about yourself. Made is the right way they powerfully anchor your self-beliefs and remove the obstacles stopping you achieving your heart’s desire.

They are the essential bedrock that underlies manifesting the things you want to achieve most. In fact, it’s very hard to manifest anything properly without first making affirmations to bring what you really want into your life.

Creating positive affirmations reprograms your subconscious mind to be vibrationally aligned with your desires. Affirmations filter-out old beliefs held in the subconscious which do not serve you.

Holding positive affirmations is essential for our emotional wellbeing and therefore a powerful tool for sustaining good health. We regularly make negative affirmations about ourselves, often without even knowing it. Supportive affirmations keep us empowered and steadfastly moving forward on our chosen pathway and this workshop will allow you to rebalance your mind-set.

Positive affirmations increase your vibration, support healing and in particular re-program self-limiting belief systems or bad habits. Creating affirmations is encouraged for people working on increasing self-love, improving self-confidence, improving poor sleeping or changing their diet. Holding between three and four is enough to make a significant positive change to your life.

Attending this workshop will not only help you to create powerful personal affirmations but crucially maintain them. We all start out with good intentions but they can get easily become neglected. This special practice of using the powerful energy of the Full Moon will strengthen your affirmations and make them sustainable.

The workshop will show you how to harness the innate energy of the Moon to support and empower your affirmations. By attuning your affirmations to the Moon’s energy and using crystals you will be able maintain their power more easily than simply writing them down.

Just like crystal grid making there are some crystals which are particularly good for harnessing the Moon’s energy like Amazonite, Labradorite, Selenite and Aquamarine. However, by working mindfully with your crystal collection or meditating with them you’ll find the right ones to use: one or two is plenty for this workshop.

How to write affirmations will be covered in the workshop, but start to prepare by contemplating what things you are holding onto which no longer serve your purpose and what positive outcomes you plan to bring into your life. There’s no need to think about how affirmations work, just put your trust in them to allow you to make different choices. The process itself will teach you much about yourself and where you are on your journey through life.

To book a place in the Full Moon Affirmations Workshop please click here:

Then you’ll be sent a confirmation email with more details of how to prepare for the 27th February..

To buy new crystals for the workshop please go these trusted shops:

Photo courtesy of Richard Lawes.

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