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Celebrate Winter Solstice with Pine and Holly Tree Energy

Winter Solstice is a moment to stop and reflect but also to look forwards as the Sun’s great power returns, bringing an increase in daylight every day until the end of summer. We know with absolute certainty the Sun starts to bring its light and warmth back to us.

Many sacred sites of these lands are aligned to the su at winter solstice such as Stonehenge. Winter Solstice was the most important festival of the year for ancient people, as the old year died away enabling them to embrace rebirth and the start of the New Year.

Our ancestors believed wholeheartedly that something old must die before something new can be reborn. This is why today we decorate our homes with evergreens such as holly, mistletoe and pine all of which represent the cycle of everlasting life.

This year, Winter Solstice 2020 is hugely significant as the vast cosmic wheel finally turns away from the Age of Pisces into the new astrological age of Aquarius, creating a unique chance to heal the wounds of domination, separation and fear. Now is the time to gather together. So, why not go and meet your tribe in the woods to connect to the tree energy of Pine and Holly evergreens that represent Nature’s everlasting life?

Holly is a sacred native tree that symbolises recovery, goodwill and potent life energy. Connecting to Holly is known to restore direction in your life, helping your heart to be open to unconditional love. Her red holly berries represent the red female blood of life whilst white mistletoe berries represent masculine energy. Holly and mistletoe traditionally should be displayed together in your home as as they are both halves of a sacred whole.

Join me for this ancient festival of rebirth and celebrate the return of the Sun. We will gather in a circle underneath the mighty Oak for our opening affirmations, then we will walk deep into the forest to connect to both Pine and Holly: sacred trees of winter solstice.

On our tree energy walk we will be meeting magnificent Pine trees but not to cut them down and drag them into our house!. The Pine tree has a strong energy, is a sign of good health, vigour and an elevated state of mind. Pine is a tree of great wisdom and healing, also representing strength from past experiences. Connecting to the pine will give you great insight into the year ahead.

We will meet at 10:30am on Saturday, 19th December near Chalfont St Giles, south Buckinghamshire.

The cost of joining the walk is £20 paid at the event. Places are limited so please book by sending an email to

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