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Here are some notes to help you use the video to make your Full Moon crystal grid. The moon is still strong in the sky, even though we are past the actual Full Moon, so it's still a good time to make a grid. You can also wait until the next New Moon, which at the time of writing is the 13th January just after 5am, so it might be a good idea to make the grid d the evening of the 12th.

First of all, I recommend meditating about the grid and ask for guidance to help you set your intention, allowing a shape to come to you and visualise which crystals you are going to use. This is my work-flow for making a crystal grid as outline in the video:


To set your intention consider how long you would like the grid to remain active? For example, as we're working with Moon energy making a grid lasting throughout the lunar cycle makes sense. Hand write your intention on a piece of paper that can be easily placed underneath your grid. My advice is to keep it to one, concise, present tense sentence: imagine the grid is already working for you.


Allowing a shape to appear in your mind via meditation is the best way, or open your awareness and see what pattern comes to your consciousness. Remember, the grid will hold your energy so avoid copying someone else’s layout. I used an eight-pointed star shape as I wanted to use a celestial shape.


Again, I recommend meditating on which ones to choose from your collection. This can be done by laying out all your crystals and with a focussed mind see which ones you are drawn towards. I used Moldavite due to it's meteoric origin, carnelian, smokey quartz and green Aventurine plus aquamarine around the grid.. It's worth noting that I have also made grids in nature using quartz stones found on a walk.


Always clean your crystals before using them: I'll make another video about how to clean crystals. By cleaning I mean both physical cleaning and energetic cleaning. In the video I used sound, but why not clean them with moonlight the night before making your grid?


Choose a base for the grid and then mindfully layout your crystals in the shape you have chosen. Next, charge the grid by focusing your mind and giving the grid your complete attention as you say your intention three times. This is how you place your energy into the grid.


Now connect your grid to the power of Moon energy. I used my pendulum in the video but if you don't work with pendulums just use your intention to connect to the Moon.

Remember, to maintain the grid by regularly checking in with it over the timescale you have set. Say the main intention or just have an overall intention to keep it working at maximum power.

Please post any questions.


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