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Heart of Oak Tree Energy Session

Join our healing session in ancient local woodland near Chalfont St Giles

There is a special significance to our Tree Energy Session on Saturday, 17th April as the date is the first day of Oak in the luna-derived 13-month Ogham Calendar.

Oak is a big-hearted tree, personified in the phrase ‘Heart of Oak’ which refers to the central part of the tree where its hardest wood is found.

Oak’s mythological signature is one of longevity, bound to the history of this land. Oak symbolises community as it is traditionally the centre of a village and still found there or even in the midst of towns and cities. It’s acorns are associated with abundance and protection. Oak gives us our sacred connection to this land.

Oak is a masculine Yang energy but not in a patriarchal sense. It’s deep roots mean it is balanced perfectly both above and below ground and for us it brings an inner balance of female/male energy inherent in us all. It’s calls to us in a voice of strength, courage and sovereignty.

For our Tree Energy Session we are going to deeply connect to the heart of Oak by using the heart chakra. We will centre energy in our hearts and ask Oak to connect to our heart chakra.

Your experience with Oak will be personal to you but you may well find this energy is helpful to find solutions if you are struggling with a negative person or situation. Alternatively, Oak often gives us insight into new directions and reveals fresh outcomes.

Oak will bring you a sense of becoming more heart-centred in your life and allow you to face challenges with love and compassion, as much for yourself as others.

This practice involves adapting your energy field to that of Oak and creating a common energy field. You will be guided into this place using your senses and the technique of Earth Breathing.

There is a deep resonance both in Oak and the Earth beneath your feet and our work will connect you to this grounding vibration.

Once hooked up to this primary source you will be able discharge negative energy and replace it with the positive life-force of nature. Your body and its aura is designed to respond to nature’s energy and through this connection you can adjust your system and absorb a healing power directly from Mother Earth herself.

Places are limited as our group size will be small. To join the session please email

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