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Probably the most important technique we should all learn is how to protect our energy from negativity. It doesn’t matter how many good things you do to raise your personal vibration, none will sustain you unless you protect your positive energy.

Luckily, protection is simple and effective as long as you regularly maintain it. So, the starting place is your daily or regular personal practice and adding the intention to protect yourself from negative energy.

At the heart of creating protection is a question: “what am I afraid of?” Fear is the primary generator of attracting negative energy and whilst certain places can generate fear, it is most likely people who have the biggest effect upon your energy system.

Certain situations can trigger our energy to drain away. Arguments, being controlled, allowing repetitive patterns to dominate your life, all deplete your energy. Even good relationships can still lead you to giving your energy away, especially if a loved one is passive/aggressive.

The best place to start developing your own energetic protection is your regular personal practice. Meditation is a great tool for creating protection around you, simply by adding a protective mantra at the start or finish can make a huge difference to your way you manage your energy. My own mantra goes something like this…”I command all parts of my energy to come back to me here and now… I command all parts and energies which are un-belonging, inappropriate or no longer serve me to leave and go back into the light, an appropriate realm or return to Mother Earth." It can also be said as part of your regular prayer or daily affirmations and before the start of a yoga or similar practice.

If you don't have time at the start of the day for a personal practice, then still say it to yourself as you begin your day. If you’ve had a difficult day at work or at home then it’s a very good routine to settle your energy with attention on your breath and say your protection mantra in the evening. Doing this will probably help you sleep better if something happens during the day to upset you.

Other ways of manifesting your intention for protection include visualisation. One of these techniques is to keep an imaginary protective mirror close to hand to deflect negativity and reflect it back on the person attacking your system. Many people like to visualise a bubble of protection surrounding them and even fill it with a white or golden energetic light to give it power.

Magically inclined people will cast a circle of protection around themselves and perhaps include their homes or sacred places. This is a vital component of any ritual or ceremony so your energy stays pure and you don’t pick up something which is not yours.

People who are in contact with their spirit guides and helpers will ask them for protection by calling them into action and join a mantra or meditation. Power animals are also very useful to help keep a protective guard on your energy system.

Grounding your energy is another vital regular practice so bring the intention for protection into it by asking Mother Earth to protect you. When you visualise sending roots down into the earth, perhaps they entwine with a tree, if so, then ask the spirit of the tree to give you protection. There are also specific trees aligned too giving you protection such as Rowan and Holly.

When you connect to the energy of Mother Earth or your personal guru, goddess or deity send this energy into your auric field and make the outer layer an energetic shield or force field. Looking after your aura is an important part of protecting your energy and regularly connecting to your own energy field and maintaining its protection is vital.

Crystals naturally connect to your auric field and there are some which are generally very good for energy protection such as black tourmaline and obsidian, however you must still use intention when you connect to your crystals and ask for energy

protection. I’ll talk more about how to use crystals and crystal grids for protection in another blog.

Negative energy makes us feel unbalanced and have a low mood, so regular calling on protection techniques can really help you feel empowered and live harmoniously.

Finally, as an energy practician I can help you set up your personal protection, so please email me to arrange a session. This can also be done via Zoom or similar video connection.

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